15 thoughts on “The Brotherhood of Dwarves – Series”

  1. Alrighty. I’ve just blasted through the Fall. I need more story! Any small hint of when that might happen? Sondious needs to be impaled on something dull, yet spikey.

  2. Just read all three and I have to tell you, its been awhile since I’ve enjoyed books with so much character depth. Normally I enjoy the basic spy thriller or piece of historical fiction, but I haven’t read a fantasy novel as good as yours since Lord of the Rings so many years ago.

    I was going through selections on Amazon via my Kindle, and while the cover art was fine, it was pretty simplistic, so I wasn’t sure if I should read the description. I’m glad I did. The first book seemed adventurous and so I bought it. Had to buy the other two, of course.

    I appreciate the way you have respect for the mind of all sides in this conflict. I see conservative and liberal thought and I’m not put out by either. I can see the way these folks think. There is sympathy, but there also is tough love. The parallels to today’s society are there, but they don’t preach. I’d be put off by that.

    So … when is that fourth book coming out?

    1. I’m a little over halfway through the first draft, and my editor is starting on the first seven chapters. Hoping to have the manuscript complete by early October.

  3. hi id like to say so far I’ve loved all 4 books in The Brotherhood of Dwarves Series and id like to know what’s the release date for Book 5? thx in advance

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